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Node.js or browser

each of these top level entries are available on npm:

yarn install @ashnazg/yog
const yog = require('@ashnazg/yog');
const pubsub = require('@ashnazg/yog/pubsub');
  • @ashnazg/args GNU-style Args Parsing
  • @ashnazg/atst Ashnazg Tiny Server Template -- A RESTful Koa-based framework that makes my conventions easy or automatic.
  • @ashnazg/nvmi Automated NVM
  • @ashnazg/quantum-promise a promisified task function that does not start til someone awaits it.
  • @ashnazg/utils Misc JS Utils
  • @ashnazg/dumbfile some simple wrappers around file handling and parsing that I use to make hot-reloadable config files
  • under refurbishment / rewriting:
    • @ashnazg/squirrelnado a tool about leveraging node's efficient streaming primitives for data warehouse work.
    • caterpillar An ssh-agent managing wrapper to make RSA ssh auth and tunneling something that everyone can enjoy
    • inspector-kemp A provisioning/configuration driver (I'm eventually going to get off of ansible.)

Node.js and browser

  • under refurbishment / rewriting:
    • yog a websocket networking library, with client and server side SDKs. has middleware for stuff like auth and reconnecting after a network outage
      • yog/pubsub.js a general purpose event passing Publish/Subscribe library I use in client and server a bunch.
      • yog/mfa_auth.js I'm going to build an MFA plugin for yog that works with GoogleAuthenticator
    • chaos a yog-based game server
    • mischievous a PIXI-based webGL game engine


  • FAIRy: a package for reading and writing data in a FAIR and easy way.

JavaScript/Bash source released under the MIT License.